Wife fighting dementia aged just 39 wants to take road trip to ‘make memories’ with husband

A brave woman who is suffering from dementia at the age of 39 wants to create new memories with her husband before hers are “taken away”.

Laura Borrell was forced to give up a law degree after she started becoming easily confused and forgetful.

Tests revealed she was suffering from frontotemporal degenerative dementia, which usually only affects those over the age of 65.

Laura has now been warned she will lose her short-term memory at some point and may even stop recognising husband Philip, 41.

But she is determined to enjoy her life to the full while she still can.

She said: “I want to create memories with Philip before my ability to take things in is taken from me completely.

“So now we’re racing against the clock, knowing my cognitive functions are likely to get much worse in the next few years.

Not knowing how long I have left before I need further care is torture.

“I might wake up in five years’ time and not recognise my husband, or it could happen in six months, we don’t know.

“All I can do is try and make as many memories as possible while I still have them.”

In 2015 Laura started suffering slurred speech and began muddling up her words.

She also struggled to recognise the voices of close family members, including her mum.

She explained: “Though I knew things weren’t right I didn’t want to acknowledge what was going on because I was scared of what my symptoms might mean.”

Her symptoms became progressively worse, forcing her to drop out of her law degree at the University of London.

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